Understanding Medical Travel Insurance for Tourists
June 20th, 2012 by VisitorHealth

When you are a traveler that is seeking Medical Insurance for Travel, and you are also searching for an independent underwriter and claims, India Network Health Insurance can provide you with that.

For as long as insurance companies demand a profit to stay in business, the profit can only occur after operating expenses, advertising expenses, agent/broker commissions, and claims are paid. Lets take for example, a policy for a parent 60 years of age visiting the US for 3 months. Converting the health insurance policy from rupees, the family member pays only $35 dollars per month for $100,000 in medical coverage. The basic math will tell us that something has to give if such a small amount of premium is charged and the obvious choice, is the claim.

When considering the profits and the math behind them, take into account the requirements and exclusions as well. In a perfect world where the hospital near your house in San Jose, California (or parts nearby) accepts an administrator in New Delhi, India for cashless payments, where the medical emergency is not tied to a pre existing medication and where all medical and travel documents are expedited instantaneously, a claim is processed. Of course, the world is not perfect.

For a long standing, US based health insurance administrator with independent claims and underwriter, take a look at India Network Health Insurance. Happy travels.

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