Travel essentials for going abroad
January 19th, 2018 by VisitorHealth

How to get everything ready for international travel:

1. Get Visitor Health Insurance. It’s extremely important to get a proper coverage for Visitor Health Insurance. For example, medical bills in the US can be thousands of dollars. Here you can learn more about Visitors Health Insurance Plans offered by India Network Services.

2. Check visa requirements of the country you’re going to. You might need to get a visa in advance or some countries will allow you to get it at the airport upon arrival.

3. Get all the medications you need and if you have any pre-existing conditions, you should visit your doctor and ask recommendations regards to your trip.

4. Make sure your credit card will work in the country you’re going to. If not, get enough cash or travel vouchers. Also let your bank know that you’re going to use your credit card abroad.

5. Get a passport. If you already have one, make sure it’s current. Also you need to make a copy of your passport in cause you lose it.

6. Pack smart –  don’t bring things you’re not going to use during your trip. Don’t forget to put a tag with your name, address and phone number on your luggage.

7. Pay your upcoming bills before you leave or ask your family members or friends to pay it for you or set up payment online.

8. Enjoy your trip!

There is something else to remember, if you have any pre-existing condition  and don’t have Visitor Health Insurance with pre-existing coverage, insurance companies won’t pay your medical bills. Learn more about visitor pre-existing coverage here before your trip.

India Network Services is a US-based company that administers visitor health insurance to tourists, students, temporary workers and their families. Visitor medical plans are offered for all age groups (0-99 years old) with both fixed coverage, comprehensive coverage and with pre-existing condition coverage.

India Network Services has been in business for almost 30 years. Its US-based company. We don’t have any offices in India.  Please go to our website to learn more about our Visitor Health Insurance plans.

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