Medical Insurance in USA
May 15th, 2012 by VisitorHealth

Concerned for your well-being while traveling to the United States? Do you have Pre-existing conditions that you are worried may cause problems?

India Network Health Insurance offers coverage for travelers that both do and do not have pre-existing conditions. India Network offers standard, premium, and comprehensive health coverage, and all can include pre-existing conditions. When seeking Medical Insurance for Travel, India Network can provide you premium rates, high maximum coverage, great customer service, and other additional benefits.

Standard coverage plans range from ages 2-99 and cover customers that have any pre-existing conditions. This coverage plan offers affordable rates and high maximum coverage, especially for seniors 70+. The standard plan also offers additional benefits which include Vision and Dental discounts, Travel Assistance Services, and Doctor Consultation.

The Comprehensive coverage plan is also a popular coverage plan to select from as it offers high maximum coverage and negotiable rates for customers. This coverage is known as 80/20 Co-insurance coverage. This requires a Multiplan PPO Network. In-Network 80% of covered Network charges up to $5,000, thereafter 100% of covered Network charges up to the overall maximum benefit. Out-of-Network 60% of covered Up to $5,000, thereafter 100% of covered Up to the overall maximum benefit.

India Network offers excellent options for health insurance coverage when seeking Insurance USA, they also offer instant quote services or you may contact the office at 407-243-8760.

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