Medical Insurance for US Visitors
July 19th, 2012 by VisitorHealth

If you’re planning on visiting Canada then you will have a wonderful time exploring a beautiful country with a huge variety of places to go and things to do and see. With terrain ranging from coasts to mountains, green forests to white ski slopes, Canada has something for everyone.

However, a person must always bear in mind that they should be prepared for every eventuality and a very important thing to do before leaving home is to purchase medical insurance for visitors. While the furthest thing from your mind when going somewhere new is to expect medical problems, it can happen and when it does it can be a costly business. That is why we highly recommend out medical insurance in usa, tailored for visitors to the land of moose and the maple leaf.

We don’t just cover the short-term holidaymaker, either. With policies up to 36 months in length, if you are a worker or student in Canada you can take advantage of our overseas health insurance. This ensures that should the worst happen, you will have one major worry off your mind – the cost of treatment.

While medical facilities in Canada are of a very high standard, they do not come cheap to those who are not resident in the country so it is very important that anyone visiting has some kind of policy – just in case. Our travel insurance can cover not just the treatment, but also assistance in obtaining local medical care; maintaining contact between attending and family physicians; arranging medical evacuations; arranging for family to visit the ill traveller, and many other benefits.

In fact, we can even go as far as acting as a 24-hour toll-free emergency message centre. This is ideal in cases where it is difficult to pass telephone numbers around, or where time zones cause problems with communication. Should additional funds be required, we can help with emergency cash transfers and credit card advances based on your resources. In addition, we can help in replacing lost baggage and passports whether as a result of any injury claim or not.

In other words, we offer peace of mind – something which, in itself, it a huge part of getting well again as quickly as possible!

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