India Network Foundation joins with Thambiran Heart & Vascular Institute to offer members and parents discount for cardiovascular disease prevention and care.
June 23rd, 2012 by VisitorHealth

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) June 20, 2012

India Network Foundation, a non-profit US based sponsor of health insurance in the USA, announced an agreement with Thambiran Heart & Vascular Institute wherein members of India Network Foundation and their family members can receive discounted rates for preventive heart care services and comprehensive vascular health screening programs at Thambiran Heart & Vascular Institute, Chennai, India.

In addition to offering medical insurance for travel to the US for seniors age 70 and older, the agreement with Thambiran Heart & Vascular Institute extends foundation membership benefits for preventative care. Professor KV Rao, India Network Foundation founder added, “India Network Foundation is pleased to offer screening and health care services specifically for parents with pre existing conditions that are planning to visit the US.”

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