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June 13th, 2012 by VisitorHealth

Have you ever wondered about the visitor health insurance claim process and why some policies are significantly less costly than similar plans? A good rule of thumb is to select a policy that is US regulated with US claim processing and a US based underwriter.  In most cases if the underwriter is a reinsurer (i.e., Lloyd’s of London) or a surplus lines insurance company (Sirius International in Sweden), regulating the claims process can be difficult. Another obvious red flag is that of cost. If the plan is too inexpensive, the insurer cannot adequately support reimbursement for the statistical number of claims expected, and as a result, plans are embedded with targeted exclusions to reduce the claim percent well below the typical US medical claim rate.

India Network Health Insurance administers Medical Insurance for Travel plans exclusively through Chartis Insurance, a member of the American International Group, headquartered in New York. Independent of the underwriter, Chartis Insurance Company handles the claims while India Network administers the program.

Insurance is about establishing confidence in claim processing, so be sure to ask the right questions. For more information about medical insurance plans, you can visit

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